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Language school Alius Lingua in

European Union Lifelong Learning Programme Grundtvig Learning Partnership project

“An Interactive Language Adventure across Europe”

Project No. 2011-1ES2-GRU06-35082

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Alius Lingua on Rijeka (Croatia) TV: 

Language school Alius Lingua alongside with its international partners from Spain, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia and Finland participated in Grundtvig Learning Partnership project An InterACTIVE LANGUAGE Adventure across Europe” 2011-2013.

The aim of this partnership was to improve English language skills of the learners as well as to broaden their knowledge about cultures of different EU countries, to get introduced to new friends, by using the possibilities of social networking and by visiting the countries involved in the project.

In this partnership, the learners, with the help of their teachers, looked for or produced original materials in English about their countries and, using these materials, designed web tasks with activities to show distinctive features about their country.

Throughout the project,we shared good practice on how to produce a web task and use it effectively in the language class through social networking or other technologies.

The web tasks were uploaded to the project site so that the learners in the partner countries could do them as part of their learning process. The web tasks helped them practise the four communicative skills: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing and speaking.

When the learners in one country finished doing the web tasks prepared by the learners in another country, we organised a video conference using the tool Skype so they could meet and discuss what they liked most about the web tasks; which aspects of the other country they found most interesting or surprising, etc. This session was very important for the learners to get to know each other and their cultures, to really find out how similar or different we are, to better understand one another and to be better qualified to live and work in a multicultural society.

Since several web tasks were produced in each country, there was a process of selecting the best one; and this task was carried out by the learners: all the learners voted for their favourite web task in each country and the authors of the winning web tasks were the first to choose a mobility. The mobilities took place in Oviedo un Mieres - Spain, Tallin and Rapla - Estonia, Riga - Latvia, Huitinen - Finland, Rijeka - Croatia and Namur - Belgium. The partners introduced everybody with their countries, cultures, education systems and language schools, and  exchanged experience about teaching for adult language learners.

The mobilities contributed a lot to English language acquisition through different exhilarating activities: a treasure hunt in the city of the partner, different sightseeing tours to discover the host country, discussions.

You can find the information about the project on the following websites:

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