State Language Level B

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The aim: to improve and develop Latvian language skills for non-native speakers in order to communicate rather fluently on different topics both in everyday social situations and professional area, acquiring the lexical and grammar structures, and developing all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The main topics:

  • Introduction in formal and informal situations. Personal information. Getting to know each other.
  • The place of living. Environment. Getting around.
  • House, flat. City, countryside.
  • Family. Colleagues.
  • Job and carreer. Education. An application form.
  • Daily routine.
  • Shopping. Everyday situations in a cafe, restaurant. Food and cooking.
  • Free time activities. Public holidays. Celebrations.
  • Health and diseases. Healthy lifestyle.
  • Socialising.



Address:  16 Jana Street , Old Riga, LV – 1050

Phone: +371 67225666

Mobile phone: +371 25903311